The Heartland Music Academy



  • The Heartland Music Academy, LLC, is a private piano studio located in the Des Moines, Iowa, metro area.  We currently serve over 40 families for private lessons during the year.  We run on a standard two school semester schedule.  We also provide a summer session for trial lessons or as a more relaxed way for current students to keep their skills fresh.


Meet the Owner

I'm Kyle McGowan, owner and instructor at the Heartland Music Academy.  I have been teaching piano since 1984.  My teaching philosophy is simple:  My primary goal is to foster an environment where students grow to enjoy music and learn to be proficient pianists for their lifelong enjoyment of music.  


To enable this, I believe several things must be in place, a good solid basis for understanding music, which includes music theory; lessons in piano technique including, but not limited to, movement & mechanics exercises, and hand-strengthening exercises; exercises in ear-training to be able to identify tones, chords, chord structure and rhythm patterns; learning how to sight read proficiently; and most importantly, an environment that fosters the student's self-esteem and a system that rewards progress and promotes success.